Do These Workouts In The Morning To Melt The Belly

Obesity is considered as a general problem among the people, so their main concern is how to get healthier and how to burn fat. In order to lose weight you need a lot more than weightlifting and running. An important part of the process of losing weight is stretching. We present you 5 stretches which will help you burn the excess fat of your stomach.

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1. Wind-relieving pose

This pose is also called Pavanamukthasana and is relatively easy to perform. Just lie down on the floor with your legs out straight.

Breathe out and make sure your knees are bent, while bringing them to the chest. It is important to feel a pressure on the stomach. Keep that position then breathe out while lifting the chin making sure it touches the knees.

2. Plank pose

This pose is also called Kumbhakasana and it is perfect for your back and core. Keep your body in a good upward position.

Keep your abdominal muscles inside inwards and make sure that the legs and back are aligned. Make 5 sets of 30 seconds a day.

3. Boat pose

This pose is also called Naukasana, and it is perfect for fast fat burning. Lie down on the floor and face your palms downward and make sure your legs are both closed together.

Breathe out and raise your legs upward, but make sure not to bend your knees. Hold, breathe out, breathe in, and bring your back and arms off the ground.

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4. Bow pose

This pose is also called Dhanurasana and is the most difficult of all poses. Lie down on your stomach, and make sure your leg is straight and your arms are placed at the side. Hold the ankles and bend the knees. Breathe in and make sure to bend the back upward.

Do 5 sets of 30 seconds a day.

5. Cobra pose

This pose is also called Bhujangasana. You need to lie down and make you’re your stomach touches the ground, and your head is placed on the ground.

The elbows need to be kept parallel and the chin should touch the floor. Breathe in and make sure to raise the chest upward. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat it 5 times. Breathe out and release.

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